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Sloan, Samuel, 1815-1884 / Sloan's homestead architecture, containing forty designs for villas, cottages, and farm houses, with essays on style, construction, landscape gardening, furniture, etc. etc.

Design VII.: an irregular northern villa,   pp. 100-104 ff.

Page 104

 in view of the piquancy of its style and its prominence
 as a feature of the landscape, may be darker than
 any design we have yet offered, while at the same
time we would avoid all the heaviness of effect pro-
duced by lifeless, muddy tints.
  With regard to the interior finish, we will only re-
mark in this place, that all the dressings and ~vain-
scoting may be of oak and slightly stained, and after-
ward varnished; the staining heightens and maintains
the natural color of the wood; we cannot say that we
would prefer this mode of finish in the drawing-room,
yet we have very good authority for applying it to
any well-lighted apartment, always provided that the
lightest cast of wood be selected and no inferior work-
manship permitted to mar the acknowledged beauty
of the material.
  ESTIMATE.-BUi1t of rubble-stone and rough-cast,
with a slate roog the first-story windows having in-
side blinds, and otherwise finished as we have pointed
out, the cost of this villa, in any portion of the
Northern or Middle States, will not exceed $9500. If
brick instead of stone were used, the cost would be in-
creased to about $10,000.
FIG. 42.

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