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Sloan, Samuel, 1815-1884 / Sloan's homestead architecture, containing forty designs for villas, cottages, and farm houses, with essays on style, construction, landscape gardening, furniture, etc. etc.

Design VI.: a bracketed American cottage,   pp. 94-98 ff.

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 the flues at a distance from the outer walls, their ad-
 vantages in an economical view become at once ap-
 parent.   Not only does the increased draught of the
 chimney admit of the fires being kept up with ease,
 but the heat radiated by the flues, be that much or
 little, (and it is generally more than they are given
 credit for,) has its influence on the temperature of the
 rooms through which they pass.
   AccoMMODATIoN.-From the front piazza F, fig. 36,
 the passage of 6 feet wide is entered, which gives
 access to all the rooms; an outside entrance is also
 given in the end of the building through the stair
 hail.  A, 16 by 20 feet, is designed for a parlor; B,
16 by 16 feet, is a sitting-room; C,16 by2O feet, a
dining-room; D, 16 by 16 feet, a kitchen; and E, a
pantry, affording also a passage from dining-room to
kitchen.   We may remark here, that a veranda ex-
tending the full length of parlor and dining-room
would be a very beneficial addition to this design,
both for use and appearance.  In accordance with the
apparent demand for such an improvement, we have
shown it in the perspective.   The divisions of the
chamber plan, fig. 37, are similar to those on the first
floor, with the addition of closets on each side of the
chimney fronts in all the chambers, 11,-I being a
  CoNsmucTIoN.-The great abundance of wood in
some portions of our country, the facility with which
it is transported from a timber region to a prairie, and
the ease with which it is adapted to building, will be
reason enough for using it for that purpose for genera-
tions to come.   The design before us is intended to
be constructed of wood, the boarding being planed,

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