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Repton, Humphry, 1752-1818 / Observations on the theory and practice of landscape gardening: including some remarks on Grecian and Gothic architecture, collected from various manuscripts, in the possession of the different noblemen and gentlemen, for whose use they were originally written; the whole tending to establish fixed principles in the respective arts

Advertisement explaining the nature of this work,   pp. [5]-8

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cate the Art of Landscape Gardening from the imputation
of being founded on caprice and fashion: occasionally adding
such matter as I thought might suit the various taste or
inclinations of- various readers. Some delight in speculative
opinions, some in experimental facts; others prefer description,
others look for novelty, and some, perhaps, for what I hope
will not be found in this Work, impracticable theories.
The present volume neither supersedes, nor contradicts
my former work, neither is it a repetition nor a continuation;
but to avoid the oblong and inconvenient shape of that book
the present volume, is printed under a'different form and
title, because I am less ambitious of publishing a book of
beautiful prints, than a book of precepts: I must therefore
intreat that the plates be rather considered as necessary than
ornamental; they are introduced to illustrate the arguments,
rather than to attract the attention. I wish to make my
appeal less to the eye, than to the understanding.
In excuse for the frequent use of the first personal pronoun,
it should be remembered, that when an author relates his
own theory, and records his own practice, it is hardly possible
to avoid the language of egotism.
When called upon for my opinion concerning the im-
provement of a place, I have generally delivered it in writing,
bound in a small book, containing maps and sketches to
explain the alterations proposed: this is called the Red Book
of the place; and thus my opinions have been diffused over
the kingdom in nearly two hundred such manuscript volumes.

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