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Edwards, George, 1694-1773. / A natural history of birds. Most of which have not been figur'd or describ'd, and others very little known from obscure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill design'd.
[Part I] (1743)

The crested huming [humming] bird,   pp. [Plate] 37-37

Page 37

( 37 )
' H IS Bird, with its Nef, is reprefented of its natural Bignefs; the Bill
is Sender,
fharp-pointed, and not fo long as in moft of this Kind, of a black Colour,
very little bowed downward; the Top of the Head, from the Bill to the hinder
which ends in a Creff, is firil Green, and toward the hinder Part, dark Blue;
both thefe
Colours lhine with a Lufire far exceeding the brightefi polifih'd Metals,
the green Part
efpecially, which is the lightef in fomne Lights, changes from Green to Gold-colour,
fo beautiful as not to be expreffed by Colours, or hardly conceiv'd in the
Abfence of
the Obje&; the Feathers of the upper Part of the Body and Wings are dark
intermixed with Gold-colour; jufi beneath the Bill is a Spot of dirty White;
the Breaft
and Belly are of a dark, dirty, grilled or mixed Gray-colour; the Quills
are of a Purple_
colour, the Tail is of a bluifh Black, Something gloffy on the upper Side,
the under
Side more gloffy than the upper, which is not common; the Legs and Feet are
fmall, and black of Colour. The Neft is compos'd of a very fine foft cotton
or filky
Subflance, I could not tell which; there is in it a Mixture of two Sorts,
the one Red,
the other of a yellowifh White; it is hung between two little Twigs, as exprefs'd,
The young Leaves and Rudiments of the Fruit were on the Branch, which by
parifon with the Defcription, feems to be the Sweet Sop-tree. Sloan's lVatural
Hirfo;3 of
Jarnaica, Vol. 2. RPae i6S. Tab. 2'7.  The Fruit, when Ripe, is of the Bignefs
TIurkey's Egg.
Mr. lohn Warner obliged me with a Sight of this Bird and Ncll, He had it
of a
Captain who brought it from the WeaVji Indies.
T     H E  E  Flies, which I take to be Male and Female, wvere brought from
lT  the Bodies in both are Brown ; the Wings in the firft It are border'd
all round
with Black ; the upper Wings have each one large irregular Spot of Oran-e-colour,
a few ihall ones at their Extremities; thie lover Wings have alfo a pretty
large Spot of
Orange-colour in each Wing, and near the Body a large Spot of Blue, enconmpafs'd
Black, which appears partly cover'd by the upper Wings; betide thefe, there
are two
Half-moon-like Spots, and forre dirty Maiks of Orange-colour in the: Black
round their
Borders. In the fCcond fly, the Wings are border'd with dirty Brown or Black
; the
middle Parts of both upper and under Wings are of a faint Yellow-colour;
there are
blue Spots furrounded Ad ith Black near the Body, in the lower Wings; in
cach Wing,
both upper and under, are t-wo Eyes, whofe Middles are Blue, circled round
with Black;
the three little tranfverfe Bars which border on the outer Part of the outer
Wings arc
very Black; the lower Wings are border'd with two Rows of brown Scolops.

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