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Edwards, George, 1694-1773. / A natural history of birds. Most of which have not been figur'd or describ'd, and others very little known from obscure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill design'd.
[Part I] (1743)

The white-belly'd huming [sic] bird ; The green and blue huming [sic] bird ; The brown and white-spotted butter-fly from China,   pp. [Plate] 35-35

Page 35

( 35 )
tT[ H I S Bird, and the Bird defcrib'd under it, are figur'd in the Plate,
of their na-
T tural Bignefs; the Bill is pretty long, firaight, and flender, the Points
of the
upper and lower Mandibles a little bending towards each other, of a black
Colour; the
whole Head and Neck, above and beneath, of a fine Blue; the Back, Rump, and
leffer Covert-feathers of the Wings of a fine Green; at the bottom of the
Neck be-
hind, is a white Mark, in the form of a Crefcent, the Horns pointing upwards;
Belly is white; the Wings are Copper-colour, inclining to Purple; themiddle
of the Tail are Green, the fide Feathers White, and Something longer than
the middle
Feathers; the Legs and Feet of a dark or blackilh Colour ; the Colours in
this Bird,
as in moft of this Kind, feem to be mixed with fine golden Threads, which
make the
whole Bird appear very fplendid, when expofed to the Sun-beams.
The GR E E N ard BLUE HU M I N G BI R D.
A S this Bird was brought over with the other, and they agreeing in Shape,
A    Form, of the Bill and Feet, I have conjedur'd they may be Male and Female;
but I leave that to the Determination of the Curious, or future Difcovery;
the Bill is
altogether like that above defcribed ; the whole Head and Neck Green; the
and upper Part of the Back, Blue; the Thighs and lower Belly of a dirty brown
Colour; the leffer Covert-feathers of the Wings, the lower Part of the Back
Rump Green; but the Rump is of an orient Call, Thining with a golden Glofs,
as do
the Colours on the Throat and Breaft; the Quills and firfi Row of Coverts,
are of a
dirty Copper-colour, a little inclining to Purple, the Tail of the fame purplinl
the Legs and Feet, Black.,
Thefe Birds came together from Surinam,, and are both preferved in the Cabinet
his Grace the Duke of Richmond.
5   is 4: T .: 4  44 t'  t  i  .'Nt . >   -Ii  -le,   4.  -.: '. 
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The Brown and White-fpotted BUTTER-FLY froM China.
T   HE Print fhews its full Magnitude; the upper Wings are dark Brown, fireaked
T  and fpotted with White; the extreme Borders, both of the upper and unJdei
Wings, are White; the under Wings are White, except a Border of Brown near
extreme Edges, plain outwards, and indented inwards; the Body is White, with
Spots; the Head is Orange-colour, as is the Tail for three Joints or Rings
from tlh

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