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Edwards, George, 1694-1773. / A natural history of birds. Most of which have not been figur'd or describ'd, and others very little known from obscure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill design'd.
[Part I] (1743)

The long-tail'd green huming [humming] bird,   pp. [Plate] 33-33

Page 33

( 33 -)
T      HE Figure of this Bird is of the natural Bignefs; it hath a very
long and broad Tail, in proportion to the Body, the Feathers
being very firm and fliff, not eafily put in Diforder; M the Bill is flender,
firaight, pretty long, and of a black Colour; the Crown of the-Head
is Blue, or elfe the Bird is moffly Green; the Quills are of a dirty
purplifh Colour, except three Green ones next the Body; the Co-
verts of the Wings are Green; the lower Belly, and Coverts under the
Tail, are White, the Thighs dusky; the Tail-feathers are of the moft
fiining Beauty that can be imagined, appearing Sometimes of a fhining
Blue-colour, and upon a little turn will change Greenifh, then again
into a Colour mixed with a bright golden Splendor; the Feathers, all
over the Body, have fomething of a fhining golden Lufire, but nothing
in comparison with the Beauty of the Tail; the Legs, Feet, and Claws,
are black.
This Bird was briought from 7Jaaica by Capt. Chandler at Stepney,
of whom I procur'd leave to take a Drawing of it.
T     HE upper Side of this Butter-Fly is black, having in the upper
Wings two white Spots in each; the lower Wings have each one
large while Spot, and a fmall round red Spot, btefhcis little fainit white
Marks between the Scolops of the Wings; the under Side of the Body
is white; the lower Wings have each a large roundifh white Spot, bor-
der'd on the upper Sides with Red; the Extremes of the Wings of a dirty
Colour, fpotted with Purple ; within thefe purple Spots i- a Bar of Black,
with a Row of fcarlet Spots in it ; the upper Wings have three white
Spots, that neireiI the Body border'd with a bent Bar of Red, the Spaces
between the white Spots, Black, the Extremity of the Wing dusky,
with purple Spots, and within them fcarlet Spots on Black.
I was told by Mr. W~illiami Goupey, who lent me this Fly, that it
came fr-omn the Eahf Inzdies; but he could not tell from what particular

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