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Edwards, George, 1694-1773. / A natural history of birds. Most of which have not been figur'd or describ'd, and others very little known from obscure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill design'd.
[Part I] (1743)

The red or russet-colour'd wheat-ear,   pp. [Plate] 31-31

Page 31

( 31 )
T | 5 H E S E Birds feem'd to be about the Bignefs of Sparrows; I
have figur'd them of the natural Bignefs as near as I could. The
Cock, which I fuppofe to be that with the black Throat, has a firaight,
flender, black or dark Lead-colour'd Bill; a little Space at the Bafe of
upper Mandible, the Cheeks, under the Eyes and Throat, from the Bill
about an Inch downwards, are Black; there paies round this black Space,
a whitifh Line, broader on the Forehead and above the Eyes, narrower
downwards on the Throat; the Top of the Head, Neck, Back and.
Breaft, are of a dirty faint Orange-colour, inclining to Buff, deeper on
the Back, fainter on the Breafi; the lower Part of. the Back is fpotted
with femi-lunar Spots of Black; the Rump, lower ,Part of the Belly,
Thighs, and Covert-feathers under the Tail are White; the whole Wing
Black or very dark dusky Brown; the Tips and Edges of the Feathers
next above the QuillsX and of fome of the Quills next the Back, are of
a lightifh Brown; the Legs, Feet, and Claws, dark Brown or Black;
the middle Feathers of the Tail are black or dusky, the fide Feathers are
white with black Tips, of a fmall Depth.
7V iN - if i> 7Al 4it ?U ?-T:  a-, >1 :X 4  ;,X _., _ ,>
_X ~, -.1
F  a1 F,l ICs, - N   iN i. Je, 9ow   -10 -V 4i a   ? ,3, A. -  , , I , f
,   Fe ,,  -.I ~,* j  ,.ii. -1  tal,
T     HE other Bird, which I believe to be the Hen of the above-
defcrib'd, hath a little Black at the Root of the upper Part of the
Bill, which paffes from the Corners of the Bill through the Eyes, and
becomes pretty broad behind the Eyes; the Chin, beneath the Bill, is
White; the whole Body, Wings, Tail, and Legs, agree with the above-
defcrib'd; this Bird being very near of Kin to the OQenanthe or JJ/eat
Ear, defcrib'd in W'illozgihby, P. 23 3. I knew not what Name to grive
it better than the above, with tile Difhindionjoin'd to it.
Thefe Birds, which agree Nvith no Figures or Defcriptions I can 'llid,
came from Gibraltar, where they were fhot by a Gentleman refidingr
there, who fent them to Mr. Catesby in London, who favour'd me -with
a Sight of them, from which I made thefe Draughts and Defcriptions,
_T /
.  ,i'te

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