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Smith, Walter, 1836-1886 / The masterpieces of the Centennial International Exhibition illustrated : industrial art
Volume 2 ([1876-1878])

The international exhibition 1876. ,   pp. 3-497

Page 3

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. _;
Y." it has been said, "repeats itself;" and this
saying, like
other glibly-worded truisms which have become proverbial, has
been repeated so often that its true meaning is often lost
sight of. Of course, where the same general conditions exist,
it is reasonable to suppose that similar effects will be produced;
and since-as has been justly observed-the repetitions that are
in historical chronicles are the result of periodical recurrences
ombinations of events, coupled with certain general coincidences
)tives and aims that govern and influence human conduct, the
careful inquirer would probably discover under the motives and aims
that suggested the celebration of the nation's centenary by a grand International
Exhibition of the world's products, the same condition of things as actuated
Europe and England-at intervals in the past-to institute similar displays.
is evident, however, that before there can be repetition there must be precedent,
and while we may be, and probably are, following in the same grooves as other
older nations, we are, to all intents and purposes, making our own history;
and, as in this instance, to the great majority of our people such an event
this Exhibition is an absolutely new experience.
Of the inestimable practical, as well as speculative or theoretical advantages
of periodical illustrations of the world's progress we have spoken in another
place, our province here is simply to direct attention to one particular
ment of this Exhibition. But what a grand and comprehensive division it is!
Industrial Art! The union of the two great elements of civilization-Industry,

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