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The illustrated catalogue of the Universal exhibition, published with the Art journal

Boutell, Charles
General introduction.,   pp. 3-76

Page 18

                                       THE ART-JOURNAL CATALOGUE OF
  MM. ODIOT AND CO., famous goldsmiths                                  
                 sion, but of such as they have produced for the
and silversmiths of Paris, are extensive con-                   H       
                 several Courts of Europe, nearly all of which
tributors to the Universal Exhibition, not  **.                         
            -    boast the possession of some examples of their
only of works especially designed for the occa-*                        
                   manufacture. The two objects we engrave
are of silver; 'they form part of a "SERVICE" made for M. Le Duc
do Galhera.  The CENTRE-rIECE and JAuD ixitn have the arms of the
Duke. The figures are the work of M. GILBERT, an artist of the very highest
repute. These works are achievements of. the loftiest order of Art.
ingenious Jacquard. The First Consul proved to be more saga- stability. 
A society for the encouragement of the industrial
cious and far-seeing than the manufacturers; and they discovered, arts and
the manufactures of France was formed, as a legitimate
and in due time they appreciated, the superiority of his sagacity agency,
derived from the periodical Parisian Expositions, which
and penetration. This was shown by the increase of the number might simultaneously
extend and, increase their beneficial action,
of exhibitors from  two hundred to six hundred in the third and work out
to the utmost -the benefits actually produced by
Exposition which was held, after the interval of only a single year, them.
No efforts were spared to induce every class of manufac-
on the same spot,- in 1802.'                                     turers to
share in the same sentiment of friendly sympathy with
    The increasing success of the Expositions of 1801 and 1802 at the labours,
of the Encouragement Society, and to take an active
  Paris confirmed the soundness of their projectors' views, and part in co-operating
with their. proceedings. The support. of the
  encouraged them to -persevere in their plans with redoubled zeal; producers
of the less showy, but by no means the less important,
  -and, at the same time, -the. utility and the popularity of these manufactures
was happily secured; and it is a peculiarly satis-
         remakabl dislaysbecae toroughly established. More. decided factory
incident connected with the early French Expositio'ns, that
            step wer at ncetake  to  evelp w ad grown into a great prizes
were awarded by the juries for improvements in the pre-
         natinal nstiutio, an toimpr to it a still more. secure paration
of wool and cotton, and for excellence in textile fabrics.

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