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The illustrated catalogue of the Universal exhibition, published with the Art journal

Boutell, Charles
General introduction.,   pp. 3-76

Page 16

                                      THE ART-JOURNAL CATALOGUE OF
The eminent firm of manufacturers of works in mirable productions; they are
from the models and partcrres; they are, also as gas-lamps for
                                             of renowned artists, and are
in great variety-
                                             those that are mere utilities,
and those that
DURENNE, of Paris, iron, contribute many ad- are designed to be the ornaments
of mansions in many cases, adapted staircases and halls.
1801, notwithstanding the earnest desire and openly expressed First Consul,
understood at once the value to France of the peace
resolution of the, government to seek yearly a repetition of the competition
of 1798, and he took upon himself to form and to
triumphant success of 1798. Peaceful enterprise at that time was mature the
necessary plans for maintaining a succession of similar
compelled, for awhile, to yield to the stern control of political Expositions.
A will less resolute might have been diverted from
convulsion;. and yet the interval between the first Exposition and its purpose
by encountering resistance from  so unexpected a
its successor was probably not sufficiently long to have been pro- quarter
as the manufacturers themselves; and, when opposed
ductive of any real injury. There was no fear lest the project by the very
men on whose special behalf the entire scheme had
should die out in the exultation of its first success-there was a been devised,
a hand less nervous might have declined the thank-
strong vitality in it, because there was in it so much of such com- less
office of struggling to confer unwelcome benefits.  It is
prehensive good. At that same period, also, a new prime mover, evident that
the French manufacturers of eminence at that period
of a power before unknown, was preparing to rescue French       entertained
grave suspicions of the newly devised " Expositions"
industrial Expositions from a condition of abeyance, and to urge of their
government. In their estimation, by exhibiting it was
them forward with a determined impulse.     Napoleon I., then I equally certain
that they might lose very much, and that they

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