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The illustrated catalogue of the Universal exhibition, published with the Art journal

Boutell, Charles
General introduction.,   pp. 3-76

Page 11

                                      THE PARIS UNIVERSAL EXHIBITION.
MEtSSRS. W. T. COPELAND AND SONs uphold the three, leading pieces in the
DESSERT SERVICE ma- I Wales. The CENTRE-PIECE contains figures
                                           nufactured for his Royal Highness
the Prince of | representing the four quarters of the Globe-re-
renown of British porcelain. The selections we
                                           ductions of those that form the
monument to JOSEPHi DURHAM, A.R.A. Ihe ComrOTIER and
                                           the Good Prince Albert, in the,
gardens of, the CREAM-B~OWL -are from models by G. HALsE and
have made from their contributions are limited to Horticultural Society,
the admirable, work of F. -M. MiLLER-sculptors of recognised ability.
record the results of a Great Exhibition; and to illustrate, develop, from
every distinct subdivision of each department'and class, we
and apply its teachings, of necessity imposes upon the producers have chosen
the best, the finest, and the most characteristic
of any such work correspond~ing obligations. If we have good works; and we
have engraved them, with jealous fidelity, from
reason for believing that the ARjT-JOURNAL IELLUSTRATED CATA- photographs
prepared, and placed'in our hands for-'that express
    LGEOF TIE UNIvERSAL ExHIBITION OF 1867 enjoys a distin.- purpose, by
the producers of those works.' In our selections, with
    gihdreputation, awarded to it in anticipation of its public eminent intrinsic
merit we have uniformly sought to'associate
 appearance, 'we certainly do feel most deeply that it rest's with us those
qualities in a work, which are rich either in direct teachn
 to. prove ourselves to be not unworthy of the trust. We are or in diversified
suggestiveness. Upon the same principlean
 content, however, happily content, to appeal to our own pages, with the
same objects in view, in all our descriptive and critical
 as they succee  to each other in '  oups month by month. We essays we shall
be found to have sought to workwith the Universal
 have illustrated the whole manilcrent assemblage by means of' Exhibition
itself-to have sought, that is, to make the exhibited
 representative examples. From every department and class, and  objects well
known and thoroughly understood,-to, carry out a
                        _               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1

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