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The illustrated catalogue of the Universal exhibition, published with the Art journal

Boutell, Charles
General introduction.,   pp. 3-76

Page 9

                                  THE PsARIS UNIVERSAL EXHIBITION.
  The productions of ELKINGTON &  tributors to the Exhibition. The  
        tion of the highest order, is the work  ried out), are from the
Co., whether in silver or in electro- VAsE-in silver repousse-a produc  -
   of MOREL LADErm. The enamelled
plate, are so widely known and so
universally appreciated as to render
comment unnecessary. The engrav-
                         designs Of M.WILLMS,
                         the Artist-in-chief of
ings on this page exhibit some of
their works; others will follow in
due course, for they are liberal con- VAsE in the first column, and the DOOR-FURN1IiTURi
(a new idea admirably car- their Establishment.
it; and here therefore, again, under another aspect, is apparent its predecessors
in every quality and condition of excellence; and
the impossibility of a Great Exhibition fulfilling, unaided, its own  to
declare that there certainly will be no disappointment, we feel
Proper eunnoidisappoin                                                  
                                xtment, weufee
      proper functions,                                   to be a safe- prediction.Without
presuming to extend such
  An alliance with Literature at once removes these difficulties, prediction
to our own work, we do not hesitate to affirm  that
and secures for a Great Exhibition all it can require of description, every
possible effort shall be found to have been exerted, in order
criticism, and chronicle.                                 to reahse to the
utmost all that may rightly be both expected and
  To the universal Exhibition in Paris of the present year, 1867, required
from  us.h
public attention will be particularly directed for some months to  Now, as
on former occasions, the Art-Joumal has sought from
come in the pages of the Art-Journal.   Following up what we Engraving the
aid which that beautiful and versatile art is ever
have already accomplished in recent years, we enter upon our ready to render
with an efectiveness peculiar to itself. The most
present task (and in this respect we resemble the Directors of the  graphic
of written descriptions, coupled with the most judicious
Paris Exhibition) strengthened and guided by a matured expe-and felicitous
criticism, when deprived of engraved representations,
rience. It is but reasonable to expect, and but just to require, fil to bring
the contents of a Great Exhibition vividly before
that the forthcoming lUniversal Exhibition should greatly surpass readers
who have not seen the objects on which the writers expa-

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