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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Chap. XVII: of action,   pp. 138-153

Page 144

144          ANALYSIS of         BEAUTY. 
Daily praclifing thefe movements with the hands and 
arms, as alfo with fuch other parts of the body as are 
capable of them, will in a fhort time render the whole 
perfon graceful and eafy at pleafure. 
2. As to the motions of the kead; the awe moft 
children are in before trangers, till they come to a cer- 
tain age, is the caufe of their dropping and drawing 
their chins down into their breafts, and looking under 
their foreheads, as if confcious of their weaknefs, or of 
fomething wrong about them. To prevent this auk- 
ward fhynefs, parents and tutors are continually teafing 
them to hold up their heads, which if they get them to 
do it is with diffie1t-, an1d     inf o conflrain'd 
a manner that it gives the children pain, fo that they 
naturally take all opportunities of eafing themfelves by 
holding down their heads; which pofture would be full 
as uneafy to them were it not a relief from reftraint: 
and there is another misfortune in holding down the 
head, that it is apt to make them bend too much in the 
back; when this happens to be the cafe, they then have 
recourfe to teel-collars, and other iron-machines; all 
which fhacklings are repugnant to nature, and may 
make the body grow crooked. This daily fatigue both 
to the children and the parents may be avoided, and 
an ugly habit prevented, by only (at a proper age) 
faftening a ribbon to a quantity of platted hair, or to 
the cap, fo as it may be kept faft in its place, and the 
L 121' other end to the back of the coat, as fig. *, of fuch a 

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