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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Chap. XV: of the face,   pp. 122-134

Page 130

and, thefe movements and exprefflons ideots are apt to 
retain; fo that in time they mark their faces with thefe 
uncouth lines; and when the lines coincide and agree 
with the natural forms of the features, it becomes a 
more apparent and confirmed charader of an ideot. 
Thefe plain fhapes laft mentioned, fometimes happen 
to people of the belt fenfe, to fome when the features 
are at ret, to others when they are put into motion; 
which a variety of conflant regular movements proceed- 
ing from   a good underftanding, and fafhioned by a 
genteel education, will often by degrees corred into 
lines of more elegance. 
That particular exprefflon likewife of the face, or 
movement of a feature which becomes one perfon, (hall 
be difagreeable in another, juft as fuch expreflons or 
turns chance to fall in with lines of beauty, or the re- 
verfe; for this reafon there are pretty frowns and difa- 
greeable fmiles: the lines that form a pleafing fmile 
about the corners of the mouth have gentle windings, 
*Fig.io8 as fig. *, but lofe their beauty in the full laugh, as 
L. .o9 fig. t, the exprefflon of exceffive laughter, oftener than 
p. 2.  any other, gives a fenfible face a filly or difagreeable 
look, as it is apt to form regular plain lines about the 
mouth, like a parenthefis, which fometimes appears like 
crying; as, on the contrary, I remember to have feen 
a beggar who had clouted up his head very artfully, 
and whofe vifage was thin and pale enough to excite 
pity, but his features were otherwife fo unfortunately 

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