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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Chap. XV: of the face,   pp. 122-134

Page 127

ANALYSIS of BEAUTY.                           127 
you, that it is acknowledg'd there are fo many different 
caufes which produce the fame kind of movements and 
appearances of the features, and fo many thwartings 
by accidental fhapes in the make of faces, that the old 
adage, fronti nulla fides, will ever fland its ground upon 
the whole; and for very wife reafons nature hath thought 
fit it fhould. But, on the other hand, as in many par- 
ticular cafes, we receive information from the expreflions 
of the countenance, what follows is meant to give a 
lineal defcription of the language written therein. 
It may not be amifs juft to look over the pafflons of 
the mind, from tranquillity to extreme defpair; as they 
are in order defcribed in the common drawing-book, 
called, Le Brun's pafflons of the mind; feleded from 
that great mailer's works for the ufe of learners; where 
you may have a compendious view of all the common 
expreflions at once. And altho' thefe are but imperfe6t 
copies, they will anfwer our purpofe in this place better 
than any other thing I can refer you to; becaufe the 
paffions are there ranged in fucceflon, and diftindly 
marked with lines only, the fhadows being omitted. 
Some features are formed fo as to make this or that 
expreflion of a paffion more or lefs legible; for example, 
the little narrow chinefe eye fuits a loving or laughing 
expreffion beft, as a large full eye doth thofe of fierce- 
nefs and aftonifhment; and round-rifing mufcles will- 
appear with fome degree of chearfulnefs even in forrow: 
the features thus fuiting with the expreffions that have 

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