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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Chap. XV: of the face,   pp. 122-134

Page 124

it alfo be obferved, that in thefe mailer-pieces of art, 
all the parts are otherwife confiftent with the rules here- 
tofore laid down: I hall therefore only (hew the effecs 
and ufe of the line of beauty.   One way of proving 
in what manner the ferpentine line appears to operate 
in this refpe&t, may be by preffing feveral pieces of wire 
clofe up and down the different parts of the face and 
features of thofe cafts; which wires will all come off fo 
many ferpentine lines, as is partly marked in figure 97, 
by the dotted lines. The beard and hair of the head, 
fig. 98, being a fet of loofe lines naturally, and there- 
fore difpofable at the painter's or fculptor's pleafure, 
are remarkably compofed in this head of nothing elfe 
but a varied play of ferpentine lines, twifting together 
in a flame-like manner. 
But as imperfe6tions are eafier to be imitated than 
perfe&ions, we hall now have it in our power to ex- 
plain the latter more fully; by fhewing the reverfe in 
feveral degrees, down to the moft contemptible mean- 
nefs that lines can be form'd into. 
Figure 99, is the firft degree of deviation from figure 
97; where the lines are made firaighter, and reduced 
in quantity; deviating ftill more in figure ioo, more 
yet in figure i o i, and yet more vifibly in 1 02; figure 
103, ftill more fo, figure io4 is totally divefted of all 
lines of elegance, like a barber's block; and x o5 is 
compofed merely of fuch plain lines as children make, 
when of themfelves they begin to imitate in drawing a 

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