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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Chap. XV: of the face,   pp. 122-134

Page 123

It is an obfervation, that, out of the great number of 
faces that have been form'd 'fince the creation of the 
world, no two have been fo exa6tly alike, but that the 
ufual and common difcernment of the eye would dif- 
cover a difference between them: therefore it is not 
unreafonable to fuppofe, that this difcernment is ffill 
capable of further improvements by infirudions from a 
methodical enquiry; which the ingenious Mr. Richard- 
fon, in his treatife on painting, terms the art of feeing.     Fig. 9. 
i. I fhall begin with a defcription of fuch lines as 
compofe the features of a face of the higheft tafte, and 
the reverfe.   See fig. *, taken from    an antique head, 
which ftands in the firft rank of eftimation: in proof 
of this, Raphael Urbi, aid oihr great painters and          t Fig. 98-. 
fculptors, have imitated it for the charaders of their L. P. 
heroes and other great men; and the old man's head, 
fig. t, was model'd in clay, by Fiamingo (and not in- 
ferior in its tafte of lines, to the bell antique) for the ufe 
of Andrea Sacchi, after which model he painted all the 
heads in his famous pidure of St. Romoaldo's dream; 
and this piture hath the reputation of being one of the 
bell pitures in the world 2* 
Thefe examples are here chofen to exemplify and 
confirm the force of ferpentine lines in a face; and let 
2 Note, I muft refer the reader to the cafts of both thefe pieces of 
fculpture, which are to be found in the hands of the curious; becaufe 
it is impoffible to exprefs all that I intend, with fufficient accuracy,
in a 
print of this fize, whatever pains might have been taken with it; or in-
deed in any print were it ever fo large. 
R   2                         it 
12 " 

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