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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Chap. XIV: of colouring,   pp. 113-122

Page 113

C H A P. XIV. 
Y the beauty of colouring, the painters mean that 
difpofition of colours on objeds, together with their 
proper fhades, which appear at the fame time both 
diftinlcqly varied and artfully united, in compofitions of 
any kind; but, by way of pre-eminence, it is generally 
underflood of flefh-colour, when no other compofition 
is named. 
To avoid confufion, and having already faid enough 
of retiring fhades, I fhall now only defcribe the nature 
and effed of the prime tint-of flefh; for the compofi- 
tion of this, when rightly underftood, comprehends 
every thing that can be faid of the colouring of all other 
objeds whatever. 
And herein (as has been ifhewn in chap. 8, of the 
manner of compofing pleafing forms) the whole procefs 
will depend upon the art of varying; i. e. upon an art- 
ful manner of varying every colour belonging to flefh, 
under the diredion of the fix fundamental principles 
there fpoken of. 
But before we proceed to (hew in what manner 
thefe principles conduce to this defign, we (hall take a 
view of nature's curious ways of producing all forts of 
complexions, which may help to further our conception 
of the principles of varying colours, fo as, to fee why 
they caufe the effed of beauty. 
0                     i. It 

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