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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Chap. XIII: of composition with regard to light, shade, and colours,   pp. 106-112

Page 111

by obfervation taken his principles of imitation, as in 
the following refped. 
Thofe objets which are intended mofi to affe& the 
eye, and come forwardeff to the view, muff have large, 
firong, and fmart oppofitions, like the fore-ground in 
fig. *, and what are defigned to be thrown further off, ig. 5. 
muft be made fiill weaker and weaker, as expreffed in 
figure 86, which receding in order make a kind of 
gradation of oppofitions; to which, and all the other 
circumrfances already defcribed, both for recefflon, and 
beauty, nature hath added what is known by the name 
of aerial perfpe&ive; being that interpofition of air, 
vhich throws a general foft retiring tint over the whole 
profpe&; to be feen in excefs at the rifing of a fog. 
All which again receives Rfill more diftin&nefs, as well 
as a greater degree of variety, when the fun fhines 
bright, and calls broad fhadows of one obje& upon 
another; which gives the lkilful defigner fuch hints for 
hewing broad and fine oppofitions of Ihades, as give 
life and fpirit to his performances. 
BREADTH of SHADE is a principle that affilfs in 
making diflintion more confpicuous; thus fig. t, is f Fig. 17. 
better diftinguifh'd by its breadth or quantity of fhade, 
and view'd with more eafe and pleafure at any diftance, 
than fig. , which hath many, and thefe but narrow      L. P. 
fhades between the folds. And for one ofthe noblet 
inifances of this, let Windfor-caftle be viewed at the 
rifing or fetting of the fun. 

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