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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Chapter I: of fitness,   pp. [13]-16

Page 14

14           ANALYSIS of           BEAUTY. 
It is well known on -the other hand, that fdrms-4 
great elegance often difgufl the eye by being improperly 
applied. Thus twifled columns are undoubtedly orna- 
mental; but as they convey an idea of weaknefs, they 
always difpleafe, when they are improperly made ufe of 
as fupports to, any .thing that is bulky, or appears 
The bulks and proportions of objefts are govern'd by 
itnefs and propriety.  It is this that has eftablifh'd the 
fize and proportion of chairs, tables, and all forts of 
utenfils and furniture.  It is this that has fix'd the di- 
menfions of pillars, arches, &c. for the fupport of great 
weight, and fo reguhted -all the mrders in archi!t  re,- 
as well as the fizes of windows and doors, &c. Thus 
though a building were ever -fo'large, the fleps of the 
flairs, the feats in the windows muft be continued of their 
ufual heights, or they would lofe their beauty with their 
fitnefs: and in fthip-building .the dimenfions of every 
part -are confin'd and regulated by Iitnefs for failing. 
When *a veffel fails well, the failors .always call, her a 
beauty.; the two ideas hamve fuch, a :connexion! 
The general dimenfions do the parts of the huniari 
body are adapted thus to the ufes they are defign'd for. 
The trunk ;I the moft capacious on, account of -the 
nqUatity of its contents, and the 'thigh is larger than the 
leg, becaufe it has both the leg and foot to move, the 
leg only, the ,fot, &c. 

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