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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Introduction,   pp. [1]-12

Page 11

the horizontal and perpendicular contents of thee parts 
of the body (by which I mean the diftancesof oppofite 
points in the furface of thefe parts) through which the 
wires have pafs'd, may be exactly known and compared 
with each other; and the little holes, where the wires 
ave :pierced t   wax, remaining on its furface, will 
mark tart the correfponding oppofite points on the ex- 
ternal mufcles of the body ; as well as affift and guide 
us to a readier conception of all the intervening parts 
Thefe points may be mark'd upon a marble figure with 
calibers properly ufed. 
The known method, many years made ufe of, for 
the more exatly and expeditioufly reducing drawings 
from large pidures, for engravings; or for enlarging de- 
figns, for painting cielings and cupolas, (by firiking 
lines perpendicular to each other, fo as to make an equal 
number of fquares on the paper defign'd for the copy, that 
hath been firft made on the original ; by which means, 
the fituation of every part of the pi&ure is mechanically 
feen, and eafily transferred) may truly be faid to be 
fomewhat of the fame kind with what has been here 
propofed, but that one is done upon a flat furface, the 
other upon a folid; and that the new fcheme differs in 
its application, and may be of a much more ufeful and 
extenfive nature than the old one. 
But it is time now to have done with the intro- 
dudtion: and I fhall proceed to confider the funda- 
mental principles, which are generally allowed to give 
C  2                 elegance 

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