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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Introduction,   pp. [1]-12

Page 10

0              IN T R ODU CT I ON. 
in this manner, therefore, I would defire the reader 
to aflift his imagination as much as poffible, in confi- 
dering every objed, as if his eye were placed within it. 
As ftraight lines are eafily conceiv'd, the difficulty-of 
following this method in the moft fimple and regular 
forms will be lefs than may be firft imagined; and ts 
ufe in the more compounded will be greater : as will be 
more fully fhewn when we come to fpeak of com-' 
LFig. .   But as fig. t may be of fingular ufe to young de- 
figners in the fludy of the human form, the moft 
complex and beautiful of all, in fhewing them a me- 
chanical way of gaining the oppofite points in its fur- 
face, which never can be feen in one and the fame view; 
it will be proper to explain the defign of it in this place, 
as it may at the Fame time add fome weight to what 
has been already faid. 
It reprefents the trunk of a figure call in foft wax, 
with one wire pafs'd perpendicularly through its center, 
another perpendicularly to the firlI, going in before and 
coming out in the middle of the back, and as many 
more as may be thought neceffary, parallel to and at 
equal diftances from thefe, and each other; as is mark'd 
by the feveral dots in the figure.---Let thefe wires be 
fo loo-fe as to be taken out at pleafure, but not before 
all the parts of them, which appear out of the wax, 
are carefully painted clofe up to the wax, of a different 
colour from thofe, that lie within it. By thefe means 

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