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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Introduction,   pp. [1]-12

Page 8

8            IN T R O D-U C T I O N. 
The ufe of this conceit, as it may be call'd by 
fome, will be feen to be very great, in the procefs of this 
work: and the oftner we think of obje&s in this ihell- 
like manner, we fhall facilitate and ftrengthen our con- 
ception of any particular part of the furface of an ob- 
jed we are viewing, by acquiring thereby a more per- 
fed knowledge of the whole, to which it belongs: be- 
caufe the imagination will naturally enter into the vacant 
fpace within this fhell, and there at once, as from a 
center, view the whole form within, and mark the op- 
pofite correfponding parts fo firongly, as to retain the 
idea of the whole, and make us maters of the mean- 
ing of every view of the, objed, as we walk round it, 
and view it from without. 
Thus the moft perfed idea we can poffibly acquire of 
a fphere, is by conceiving an infinite number of ftraight 
rays of equal lengths, iffuing from the center, as from 
the eye, fpreading every way alike; and circumfcribed 
or wound about at their other extremities with clofe 
conneded circular threads, or lines, forming a true 
fpherical fhell. 
But in the common way of taking the view of any 
opake obje&, that part of its furface, which fronts the 
eye, is apt to occupy the mind alone, and the oppofite, 
nay even every other part of it whatever, is left un- 
thought of at that time: and the leaft motion we make 
to reconnoitre any other fide of the objec, confounds 
our firft idea, for want of the connexion of the two 

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