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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Introduction,   pp. [1]-12

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INTRODUCTION.                                  7 
inflances, that have been given: I will offer one of a 
famliar kind, which may be a hint for their obferving 
a thoufand more. How gradually does the eye grow 
reconciled even to a difagreeable drefs, as it becomes 
more and more the fafhion, and how foon return to its 
diflike of it, when it is left off, and a new one has 
taken poffeflion of the mind ? ---fo vague is tafite, when 
it has no folid principles for its foundation. ! 
Notwithftlanding I have told you my defign of 
confidering minutely the variety of lines, which ferve to 
raife the ideas of bodies in the mind, and which are 
undoubtedly to be confider'd as drawn on the fur- 
faces only of- folid or( opake bodies: yet the endea- 
vouring to conceive, as accurate an idea as is poffible, 
of the infde of thofe furfaces, if I may be allow'd the 
expeffion- will be a great affiftance to us in the pur- 
fuance of our prefent enquiry. 
In order to my being well underflood, let every obje6t 
under our confideration, be imagined to have its in- 
ward contents fcoop'd out fo nicely, as to have nothing 
of it left but a thin fhell, exacly correfponding both in 
its inner and outer furface, to the fhape of the obje& 
itflff: and let us tikewife fuppofe this thin, fhell to- be 
made up of very fine threa&, clofely conrected toge- 
tber, and equally perceptible, whether the eye' is ftp-. 
poled to obferve tihem from- without, or within; and 
we fl-ha1 find the ideas of the two furfaces of this fhelf 
wi naturally coincide.  The veryword, fhell, makes 
us feem to fee both furfaces alike.             But 

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