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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Introduction,   pp. [1]-12

Page 6

6             INT R O DU CT-I ON. 
Altho' the inflances already given are pretty flagrant, 
yet it is certainly true, (as a farther confrmation of this, 
and for the confolation of thofe, who may be a little 
piqued at what has been faid) that painters of every 
condition are fironger inflances of the almoft unavoid- 
able power of prejudice, than any people whatever. 
What are all the manners, as they are call'd, of even 
the greateft mailers, which are known to differ fo 
much from one another, and all of them from nature, 
but fo many ftrong proofs of their inviolable attach- 
ment to falfhood, converted into eftablifh'd truth in their 
own eyes, by felf-opinion? Rubens would, in all proba- 
bility, have been as much difgufted at the dry manner 
of Pouflin, as Pouffin was at the extravagant of Rubens. 
The prejudices of inferior proficients in favour of the 
imperfedions of their own performances, is ffill more 
amazing.---- Their eyes are fo quick in difcerning 
the faults of others, at the fame time they are fo to- 
tally blind to their own!  Indeed it would be well for 
us all, if one of Gulliver's flappers could be placed at 
our elbows to remind us at every firoke how much pre.. 
judice and felf-opinion perverts our fight. 
From what has been faid, I hope it appears that thofe, 
who have no bias of any kind, either from their own 
pra6lice, or the leffons of others, are fitteft to-examine 
into the truth of the principles laid down in the fol- 
lowing pages. But as every one may not have had an 
opportunity of being fufficiently acquainted with the 

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