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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Introduction,   pp. [1]-12

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INTRODUCTION.                               5 
the fubitance. This miftake happens chiefly to thofe 
who go to Rome for the accomplifhment of their flu- 
dies, as they naturally will, without the utmot care, 
take the infedious turn of the connoiffeur, inftead of the 
painter: and in proportion as they turn by thofe means 
bad proficients in their own arts, they become the more 
confiderable in that of a connoiffeur. As a confirma- 
tion of this feeming paradox, it has ever been obferv'd 
at all audions of pidures, that the very worft painters 
fit as the moft profound judges, and are trufted only, I 
fuppofe, on account of their diintereJednefs. 
I apprehend a good deal of this will look more like 
refentment, and a defign to invalidate the objedions of 
fuch as are not likely to fet the faults of this work in the 
moft favourable light; than merely for the encourage- 
ment, as was faid above, of fuch of my readers, as are 
neither painters, nor connoiffeurs: and I will be inge- 
nuous enough to confefs fomething of this may be 
true; but,' at the fame time, I cannot allow that this 
alone would have been a fufficient motive to have, made 
me rilk giving offence to any; had not another con- 
fideration, befides that already alledg'd, of more confe-: 
quence to the purpofe in hand, made it neceffary. I 
mean the fetting forth, in the ftrongefi colours, the fur- 
prifing alterations obje6ts feemingly undergo through 
the prepoffeflions and prejudices contraded by the mind. 
----Fallacies, firongly to be guarded againif by fuch as 
would learn to fee ojeds truly! 

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