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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Introduction,   pp. [1]-12

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IN TROD UCTION.                              3 
what light they arefo fcnfider'd abroad, may be partly 
feen by t a burlefque reprefentation of them, taken b. Fig. 
from a print publifh'd by Mr. Pond, defign'd by Cavr. 
Ghezzi at Rome. 
To thofe, then, whofe judgments are unprejudiced, this 
little work is fubmitted with moft pleafure; becaufe it 
is from fuch that I have hitherto received the moft obli- 
gations, and now have reafon to expe& moft candour. 
Therefore I would fain have fuch of my readers be 
affured, that however they may have been aw'd, and 
over-born by pompous terms of art, hard names, and 
the parade of feemingly magnificent colle&ions of pic- 
tures and flatues ; they are in a much fairer way, ladies, 
as well as gentlemen, of gaining a perfedt knowledge of 
the elegant and beautiful in artificial, as well as natural 
forms, by confidering them in a fyftematical, but at 
the fame time familiar way, than thofe who have 
been prepoffefs'd by dogmatic rules, taken from the 
performances of art only: nay, I will venture to fay, 
fooner, and more rationally, than even a tolerable 
painter, who has imbibed the fame prejudices. 
The more prevailing the notion may be, that painters 
and connoiffeurs are the only competent judges of things 
of this fort ; the more it becomes neceflary to clear up 
and confirm, as much as poflible, what has only been 
afferted in the foregoing paragraph: that no one may 
be deterr'dl by the want of fuch previous knowledge, 
from entring into this enquiry. 
B 2                     The 

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