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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Introduction,   pp. [1]-12

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2              NPR 0D U C T 1-0, N.. 
reader's imagination, when the original examples in art, 
or nature, are not themfelves before him. 
And in this light I hope my prints will be con- 
fider'd, and that the figures referr'd to in them will 
never be imagined to be placed there by me as exam- 
ples themfelves, of beauty or grace, but only to point 
out to the reader what forts of obje&s he is to look for 
and examine in nature, or in the works of the greateff 
mafers. My figures, therefore, are to be confider'd in 
the fame light, with thofe a mathematician makes 
with his pen, which may convey the idea of his de- 
monfiration, tho' not a line in them is either perfedly 
firaight, or of that peculiar curvature he is: tr-eating of. 
Nay, fo far was I from aiming at grace, that I pur- 
pofely chofe to be leaft accurate, where moft beauty 
might be expe&ed,: that no 16efs might be laid on- the 
figures to the prejudie of the'worik itfef.  FOr i' m f 
confefs, I have, but little hopes. of havig a favourable 
attention given to my defign in general, by thofe whQ 
have already had a more faihionable introdudion into 
the myfferies of the arts of painting, and kulpture. 
Much lefs do I exped, or in truth defire, the counte- 
nance of that fet of people, who have an intereft in 
exploding any kind of Jodrine, that may, teach us, to 
fee with our own eyes. 
It may be needlefs to obierve, that kme -of *the lkf& 
mentionfd, are not only the: dependents on, but often 
the only ilftrudors and, leaders of the former; but in 

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