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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste


E R R A T A. 
Pag* 15, line 25, the reference to fig. 4. p. I. omitted. 
17, line 11, for 87 read 47, and add plate I. 
27, line  5, for circumference read circularity. 
31, margin line 3, the reference to fig. 6. plate i. omitted. 
31, line xIr, dele T. in the margin. 
4, margin line 8, for fig. 40. read fig. 41. 
ditto line 22, for fig. 41. read fig. 4o. 
56, for then is the human body ccmpofed, read then are the mu/cks and hones
6o, line 14, for fig. 6e. read fig. 65. plate I. 
of the human body compofed. 
84, line 7, for as the brightoft yellow, read as for example, the bri&btefl
86, line 15, for apartment read palace. 
91, lire x4, fot Joke read fpok~z. 
94, line 14, read fuccedaneum. 
III, fine 7, to fig. 86. read alfo fig. 92, and 93. 
Ir2, line 21, for the objed read the light and jhade. 
124, line 9, after 97 read B.p. I. 
.133, after line 3, readfigure  5, T. p. x. which reprefents three difle-
raitfizes of te pupil of the eye; the leaft, was exa&ly taken from the
eye of a large- 
featur'd man, aged I5, the biggeft, from one of twenty, who ha& this
part larger 
than ordinary- and the other is the common fize. If this part of the eye
in the 
piftures of Charles II. and James II. painted by Vandyke at Kenfington, were
be meafured with a pair of compaffes, and compared with their pidnres painted
Llly when they were men, the diameters would be found in both pi&urme
ihe fame. 
Page 137, line 27, for fig. 79. read 75, and forp. j. readp. z. 
- 50, liWe 25i for anfweir read anfmws. 

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