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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Preface,   pp. [iii]-xxii

Page xxi

P R E F A C E. 
myfeif to feveral of my friends, whom I thought capable 
of taking up the pen for me, offering to furnifh them 
with materials by word of mouth; but finding this me- 
thod not pradicable, from the difficulty of one man's 
expreffing the ideas of another, efpecially on a fubje6t 
which he was either uiacquainted with, or was new in 
its kind, I was therefore reduced to an attempt of find- 
ing fuch words as would belt anfwer my own ideas, 
being now too far engaged to drop the defign. Here- 
upon, having digefled the matter as well as I could, 
and thrown it into the form of a book, I fubmitted it 
to the judgment of fuch friends whofe fincerity and- 
abilities I could bet rely on, determining on their ap- 
probation or diflike to publifh or defiroy it: but their 
favourable opinion of the manufcript being publicly 
known, it gave fuch a credit to the undertaking, as 
'foon changed the countenances of thofe, who had a 
'better opinion of my pencl, than my pen, and turn'd 
their fneers into expedation: efpecially when the fame 
friends had kindly made me an offer of conduding thq 
work through the prefsg And here I -muft acknowledge 
myfelf particularly -ifidebted tb one gentleman, for his 
corrections and amendment of at leaf a third part oi 
the wording. Through his abfence and avocations, 
feveral fheets went to the prefs without any affiflance, 
and the reft had the occafiojial infpedion of one or two 
other friends. If any inaccuracies fhall be found in 

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