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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Preface,   pp. [iii]-xxii

Page xx

P R E F A C E. 
c teaching.  Nature proceedeth ordinarily, beginning 
" with the unperfe&, as the particulars, and ending with 
.-c the perfe&, as the univerfals.  Now if in fearching 
out the nature of things, our underfianding fhall 
proceede after that order, by which they are brought 
" forth by nature, doubtleffe it will be the moff abfo- 
, lute and ready method that can bee imagined. For 
" we beginne to know things by their firfF and imme- 
,c diate principles, &c. and this is not only mine opi- 
" nion but Ariftotles alfo," yet, miflaking Arifiotle's 
meaning, and abfolutely deviating from his advice, he 
afterwards fays, " all which if we could comprehend 
" within our underfianding, we fhould be moft wife; 
"but it is impoible," and after having given fome dark 
reafons why he thinks fo, he tells you " he refolves to 
"I follow the order of teaching," which all the writers 
on painting have in like manner fince done. 
Had I obferved the foregoing paffage, before I un- 
dertook this effay, it probably would have put me to a 
fland, and deterred me from venturing upon what Le- 
mozzo calls an impoffible talk: but obferving in the 
foremention'd controverfies that the torrent generally 
ran againit me; and that feveral of my opponents had 
turn'd my arguments into ridicule, yet were daily avail- 
ing themfelves of their ufe, and venting them even to 
my face as their own; I began to wifh the publication 
of fomething on this fubjed; and accordingly applied 

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