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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Preface,   pp. [iii]-xxii

Page xix

P   R    E   F   A    C   E.                  xix 
buflo of the Hercules, fig. 4, in plate i.) of the goddcfs 
Ifis, one crowned with a globe between two horns, the 
other with a lily *, are of this kind. Harpocrates, the 
god of filence, is fill more remarkably fo, having a large 
twited horn growing out of the fide of his head, one 
cornucopia in his hand, and another at his feet, with 
hisfinger placed on his lips, indicating fecrecy: (feeMont- 
faucon's antiquities) and it is as remarkable, that the 
deities of barbarous and gothic nations never had, nor 
have to this day, any of thefe elegant forms belonging 
to them. How abfolutely void of thefe turns are the 
pagods of China, and what a mean tafte runs through 
moft of their attempts in painting and fculpture, not- 
withflanding they finifh with fuch exceffive neatnefs; 
the whole nation in thefe matters feem to have but one 
eye: this mifchief naturally follows from the prejudices 
they imbibe by copying one anothers works, which the 
ancients feem  feldom to have done. 
Upon the whole, it is evident, that the ancients flu- 
died thefe arts very differently from the moderns: La- 
mozzo feems to be partly aware of this, by what he 
fays in the divifion of his work, page 9, " There is a 
1 two-folde proceeding in all artes and fciences: the 
,1 one is called the order of nature, and the other of 
* The leaves of this flower as they grow, twift themfelves various ways 
in a pleafing manner, as may be better feen by figure 43, in plate i, but
there is a curious little flower called the Autumn Syclamen, fig. 47, the
leaves of which elegantly twift one way only. 
b 2                 " teaching. 

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