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Bishop, J. Leander (John Leander), 1820-1868 / A history of American manufactures from 1608 to 1860 : exhibiting the origin and growth of the principal mechanic arts and manufactures, from the earliest colonial period to the adoption of the Constitution : and comprising annals of the industry of the United States in machinery, manufactures and useful arts, with a notice of the important inventions, tariffs, and the results of each decennial census
Volume 3 (1868)

Manufactures of Taunton,   pp. 319-331

Page 320

three hundred and eighty-three men.  The Locomotive Works of
Taunton are the largest in New England. The Taunton Locomotive
Company, incorporated in 1847, employs two hundred and fifty hands,
and has made three hundred Locomotives, among them some so dis-
tinguished for speed and power that they have attracted attention in
England. The first Locomotive that ran west of the Mississippi river
was built at this establishment. William Mason's Locomotive Works
will be described subsequently.
Besides its manufactures of Iron, Taunton has several Cotton Mills,
that in 1860 produced Printing Cloths, Flannels, etc., to the amount
of six hundred and thirty-two thousand dollars, employing two hun-
dred and forty-eight males, and four hundred and thirty-eight females.
One Woollen Mill employed seventy hands, and produced Cassimeres
of the value of one hundred and ten thousand dollars. The "Whit-
tenton Manufacturing Company," whose factories are near Taunton,
was referred to in the previous volume. (See article, WILLARD LOVER-
INo.) Enamelled Cloth and Car Linings are also made, to the amount
of over two hundred thousand dollars, by three establishments, one
of them quite extensive.
Another branch in which the Taunton manufacturers are quite cele-
brated, is that of Britannia and Electro-Plated Wares. The firm of
Reed & Barton are among the most extensive manufacturers of these
articles in the country, and their wares, in purity of material and rich-
ness of design, are not surpassed by any. The " Porter Britannia and
Plate Company" was more recently established, but having spared no
expense to obtain from abroad the most skilful workmen, and procuring
suitable machinery, they have succeeded in producing wares fully equal
to the best imported.
The miscellaneous manufactures of Taunton include Bricks, Car-
riages, Casks, Leather, Ring-Travellers and Belt Hooks, Sash, Doors
and Blinds, Stoneware, and Stove Linings. The Phonix Manufactur-
ing Company has a capital of forty thousand dollars employed in the
manufacture of Black Lead Crucibles and Stove Polish. These articles
are also made by the " Taunton Crucible Company," of which J. L.
Presbroy is Agent. The total product of all the manufactures of
Taunton in 1860 was $1,910,902, nearly one third of which was in
Copper, Yellow Metal, and Zinc, made by the Taunton Copper Manu-
facturing Company, of which Crocker, Brothers & Co. are Agents.
The most remarkable establishment in Taunton, from whatever stand-
point we may view it, whether we regard its extent, the variety of its
machinery, the excellence of its manufactures, or the celebrity of its
founder, is

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