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Bishop, J. Leander (John Leander), 1820-1868 / A history of American manufactures from 1608 to 1860 : exhibiting the origin and growth of the principal mechanic arts and manufactures, from the earliest colonial period to the adoption of the Constitution ; and comprising annals of the industry of the United States in machinery, manufactures and useful arts, with a notice of the important inventions, tariffs, and the results of each decennial census
Volume 3 (1868)

Manufactures of Albany,   pp. 240-248

Page 248

ing of the new works, Mr. Cyrus Edson, the proprietor, was killed by
the explosion of the steam-boiler, May 15th, 1836. Since that period
the business has been conducted by the present proprietors, Franklin
Edson and Daniel Orr, and the works have been further enlarged. They
now employ 35 men, and turn out daily 4000 gallons of Highwines and
3200 gallons of Alcohol. Besides using all the product of their own
Distillery, they purchase largely, all of which they make into alcohol.
The use of Alcohol has increased greatly during the past few years.
Large quantities are now consumed in making Burning Fluid, which re-
quires four gallons of alcohol to one of camphone ; while druggists have
increased its use in their various preparations.
The other firm mentioned, that of JOHN TRACEY & Co., have a very
large Rectifying establishment, and Alcohol and Camphene Distilleries.
Their Alcohol and Rectifying establishments are perhaps not surpassed
by any in the country. From the former they turn out daily upward
of six thousand gallons highest proof alcohol, and from the latter they
are able to furnish daily eight thousand gallons spirit and domestic
liquors, which they sell principally in Boston and New York.
Mr. Tracey commenced Rectifying in a small way about 1842 and
gradually extended his facilities. The manufacture of Alcohol he com-
menced in 1847, making six hundred gallons daily, which more than
supplied the demand at that time. Now ten thousand gallons of alcohol
are daily made in Albany, of which Messrs. Tracey & Co. make much
the largest proportion.
Albany has also one of the largest and oldest-established manufac
tories of Carriages in the United States. Mr. James Goold, the senior
proprietor, commenced the business of carriage making in 1813, and
soon after engaged in building Coaches, which for many years was a
prominent business in Albany and Troy. More recently the firm of
James Goold & Co. embarked in Car building, and now carry on all
branches of the Carriage manufacture, including Railway Carriages.
The factory occupies nearly a square bounded by Division, Union, and
Hamilton Streets.

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