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The flower-garden display'd: in above four hundred curious representations of the most beautiful flowers, regularly dispos'd in the respective months of their blossom, curiously engrav'd on copper-plates from the designs of Mr. Furber and others, and coloured to the life: with the description and history of each plant and the method of their culture, whether in stoves, green-houses, hot-beds... ; very useful, not only for the curious in gardening, but the prints likewise for painters, carvers, japaners, &c. also for the ladies

Productions of the month of December,   pp. 100-108

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100           e6 FLO W F R-GA-R D EN        difplay'd.
Produflions of the Month of D E C E M B E R.
DceCmitb. Numb. I.    0 TA L  Purple Auricula.  This is of a
IRpale Purple Colour, firiped with a deep-
er; it has a white Eye, and truffes well; its Culture is
the fame as the Royal Widow Auricula, Numb. I. in the
Month of May.
Numb. II. African White-fower'd Heath.  The Plant
which is mertioned comes from the cape of Good Hope.
It has Bunches of fmall double white Bloffoms, with
fmall greenifi Spots in the middle.  It is raifed by Lay-
ers, which may be laid down in February or March, or in
the Autumn Months, in a light Soil.
Numb. III. Panfies, or Heart's-eafe.  This is one
kind of the Viola Tricolor, and confifts of three Colours,
Yellow, Blue, and Red, difpofed in different ways. It
is a Dwarf Plant, raied from Seeds fown in March, or
in any of the Summer Months, and loves a light Soil.
A more particular Culture you may fee in May.
Numb. IV. White Corn Marigold. This brings a very
,double Flower, of a white Colour, toucht with Yellow
a little in the middle. It blolmoms about two Foot high;
and its Culture is the fame as Numb. XXXII. in the
Month of ?fune.
Numb. V. Strawberry Daifjy. This is in every refpe&
like the Daifies which we find Semi-double in the

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