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The flower-garden display'd: in above four hundred curious representations of the most beautiful flowers, regularly dispos'd in the respective months of their blossom, curiously engrav'd on copper-plates from the designs of Mr. Furber and others, and coloured to the life: with the description and history of each plant and the method of their culture, whether in stoves, green-houses, hot-beds... ; very useful, not only for the curious in gardening, but the prints likewise for painters, carvers, japaners, &c. also for the ladies

Productions of the month of April,   pp. 30-38 ff.

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The FLOWER-GARDEN                 difplay'd.         33
Numb. X. Geleflis Anemone. This brings a very dou- 90ri
ble Flower, which has its Thrums blue, with a little Tip
of White on the Top; the outfide Leaves of the Flower
are firongly ftreak'd with Blue, on a white Bottom, fo as
the Edges of them are white. See the Management of
this in Numb. IV. in the Month of March.
N umb. XI. Amaranthus Trachie Anemone. Tho' this is a
fingle Flower, none of the double fort exceed it in Beauty;
the Thrums or Seeds in the middle of the Flower are
black, giving a bluifh Caft in the light Part; and the
Flower-Leaves are white, firiped with a Carmine Colour,
fhaded with Lake, and here and there a Stripe of Green.
We may ave Seeds from this Flower, and raife good Va-
rieties from them.  See the Culture and Management,
Numb. IV. in the Month of March.
Numb. XIL Single jonquil. This Flower bloffoms be-
fore the Double of the Sort.  It is properly a Narci;4'
but from its Leaves being fhaped like thofe of the Juncus
or Rurb, takes its Name; fometimes it brings four or five
Flowers on the top of the Stalk, the Cup as well as the
Flower-Leaves being all yellow.  It is very fweet-fcented;
and its Culture is the fame as the Narcf u Bofleman,
Numb. III. in the Month of March.
Numb. XIII. Love's Mafler-Auricula. This is a very
double Flower, and brings a good Trufs.  The Flowers
are yellow, firip'd, or rather thaded with a dark Buff-co-
lour, fuch as Dutch Pink. It will bear the Weather, for
it has no Duft upon it to be wafh'd off by the Rain. Its
Culture is the fame of the Royal Widow, Numb. . in the
Month of March.
Numb. XIV.

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