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Edwards, John, b. 1742 / A select collection of one hundred plates: consisting of the most beautiful, exotic and British flowers which blow in our English gardens: accurately drawn and coloured from nature, with their botanic characters, and a short account of their cultivation, their uses in medicine, with the Latin and English names

[Hollyhock; Upright garden ranunculus],   pp. Plate 77-39

Page 39

39 ] 
    B        LXX VIIL 
. Plant. 840. IIbIlyock, 
Of which one is permanent; the outer one is fpreid 
the inner is larger, and flightly cut into five. The 
re at their Bafe, and fpread open at the Top in form 
;ermen, fupporting a thort cylindrical Style, crowned 
any Stamina joined below to the Pentagonal Column, 
ud with Kidney-fhaped Summits: after the Flower is 
articulated Capfule, having many Cells, in each of 
centh Clafs, entitled MONADELPHIA POLi-ANDRIA; 
ther, and form a Sort of Column in the Center of the 
i to this Clafs, the Title of COLUMNIFERA, and ia 
t. Cliff. ;+8.- iollyhock with angular einuated Leaves. 
IiW. Sp. 1. 
-cies, by the form of their Leaves, which are roundiffi, 
grows naturally in China, and though a Native of fo 
n the open Air of England, and have for many X'ears 
en, toward the latter part of Summer; but fince they 
b much regarded as they deferve, partly froui their 
r requiring tall Stakes to fecure them from being 
s, where they are properly difpofed, they make a fine 
wt very tall, there will be a Succeffion of them on the 
ers on the lower Part of the Spike, appearing in July, 
duced till near the end of September; the Seeds ripen 
following, the Plants will be fit to tranfplant the latter 
    E        LXXVlII, 
i85. Tab. 149. Lin. Gen. Plant. 69?. 
ge 25, Plate 5o. 
donculis teretibus, Polhis tripartito-multifidis, fummis 
Ranunculus with a fpreading Empalement, a Taper 
ree, and thofe of the Top linear atnd bearing a double 
pleno. C. B. P. 179. Upright Garden Ranunculus 
ight Meadow Ranunculus, which grows naturally in 
s, fo it is cultivated in Gardens. The Stalks of this 
lower Leaves have very long Foot-ftalks, they are 
e of the Acinite or Monks-hood; the Leaves toward 
ts to the bottom ; the Stalk Branches at the Top into 
)uble yellow Flowers. Thefe appear in May, and if 
Month in Flower; and many Times in moift Seafons 
tle of the others. This is propagated by parting the 
oiff Soil and Lhady Situation. Mill. Gard. Did'. 

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