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Stickley, Gustav, 1858-1942. / Craftsman homes

The craftsman's house: a practical application of our theories of home building,   pp. 45-49

Page 49

              THE CRAFTSMAN┬╣S I-lOUSE
  The timbers are not applied to the outside
of the house for the purpose of ornamenta-
tion, but are a part of the actual construction,
which    is thus frankly revealed. They are
peeled chestnut logs squared on either side
and with the face left rounded in the natural
shape of the tree, hewn a little here and there
to keep the lines from being exaggerated in
their unevenness.  These timbers are stained
to a grayish brown tone that, from a little
distance, gives the same effect as the bark.
The lines of the red-tiled roof are low and
broad, with an overhang of four feet on the
ends and three feet at the si(les.
  The pergola is ma(le of peeled cedar logs
left in their natural shape and color, and the
floor, which  is almost on a level with the
ground, is a dull red vitrified brick laid in
herring-bone  pattern at right angles.  Ex-
tending from the side of the house is a roofed
pergola<if such a thing may be<for while
the timbers and the flooring are those of a
pergola, it has a tiled roof like that of the
house.   This is not a part of the construction
proper, btit is merely the expression of an
individual fancy for an outdoor dining roon1
and a sort of camp cooking place.   At the
end is built an outdoor fireplace and a big
rough chimney.   The detail of this fireplace,
with its hobs,  crane, audi two brick ovens,
is given in the first illustration.
                       THIRD STORY FLOOR PLAN.
F< <
       BED-ROOM      BLB -ROOM
           I               LAVATORY
       BILLIAR.D ROOMS      BATJ-i
            ~1:4X2S <

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