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Stickley, Gustav, 1858-1942. / Craftsman homes

House with court, pergolas, outdoor living rooms and sleeping balconies,   pp. 42-44

Page 43

  The entrance door opens from this porch
into the hail, which is separated from   the liv-
ing room only by two panels open at the top
after the usual Craftsman fashion, the wood
running only a little above the height of the
two bookcases, which may either be built in
or movable, as desired.  Directly opposite this
entrance is the large fireplace, which is re-
cessed so as to form a fireside nook.      Seats
are placed on either side and the tiled hearth
extends the full length of these.        Back of
them, in the small recesses left on either side
of the fireplace, are built-in bookcases with
casement windows set above.        A square bay
window,   below  which   is a      broad window
seat, looks out upon the terrace, and double
glass doors from both living room and hall
bring this part of the house into very close
communication with the outside world;        an
important feature in the planning of a house
intended for life in a warm climate where
there is little rain.
  The dining room has every appear-
ance of being merely a large square
recess in the living room, as the di.-
vision between them is only indicated
and  the  dining   room  is just     large
enough to afford comfortable accom-
modation for a good-sized dining ta-
ble and the necessary furniture.      The
sideboard, which is built in, occupies
the entire end of the room and a group
of three casement windows are set in
the wall just above it.
  The floor plan shows the convenient
arrangement of the hall, staircase and
closets, everything being grouped with-
in a small compass so that not an inch
of space is wasted.  The arrangement
of pantry and kitchen is equally conve-
nient and plenty of cupboard room is
provided for dishes and the necessary
kitchen utensils.
  The chimney that is used         for the
kitchen  range  has space  also     for  a
flue leading from the fireplace on the
porch outside.  We are greatly in fa-
vor  of  these  outdoor  fireplaces,   be-
cause there are many days and even-
ings when it is almost warm enough
to stay out of doors, and yet      without
a fire it is not quite comfortable.  Also,
a fire in the open air has always some-
thing of the charm of a camp fire.
The placing of this one is peculiarly
desirable, as it not only makes a pleasant sit-
ting room of the porch, but also has much of
the charm of a garden, as from the porch one
steps down into the court, which is surrounded
on the outside by a vine-covered pergola and
which may be paved or not, as desired.  Even
when these courts are paved they often hold
growing trees or a fountain,  so that both
shade and the   nearness of green, growing
things are possible, while the court itself seems
merely an extension of the porch.  The den,
which can be closed off by doors from the
rest of the house in case privacy is desired
for work or reading, has double doors lead-
ing to the square entrance porch and also to
the court.
  On the second floor there are three large
bedrooms, plenty of closet room and three
baths.  One of these is for the exclusive use
of the maids and opens from the maidsĀ¹ room
at the back.  The other two are placed so

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