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Chippendale, Thomas (1718-1779) / The gentleman and cabinet-maker's director: being a large collection of the most elegant and useful designs of household furniture in the Gothic, Chinese and modern taste.

Plate descriptions,   pp. 7-27 ff.

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[ 8 ]  
IS three Ribband-back Chairs, which, if I may speak 
without vanity, are the 
beft I have ever seen (or perhaps have ever been
 made.)  The Chair on the 
left hand has becn executed from this Design, which
 had an excellent effect, and 
gave satisfaction to all who saw it.  I make no doubt 
but the other two will give 
the same content, if properly handled in the execution.
  Their dimensions are 
affixed to the design. 
ARE eight different designs of French Elbow Chairs,
of various patterns, 
which I hope will be of great use, if properly 
applied.  Some of those 
Chairs are design'd to be open below at the seat,
 which greatly lightens them, and 
has no ill effect.  The common sizes are as follows;
 two foot three inches in front, 
one foot eleven inches over behind, one foot ten
 inches from the front of the back 
to the front of the seat rail.  The seat is one foot 
two inches 1/2 high; the height of 
the back, from the seat, is two foot three inches; 
but those dimensions differ accord- 
ing as the rooms are larger or smaller: the ornaments 
on the backs and seats are in 
imitation of tapestry or needlework.   The carving 
may be lessened by an ingenious 
workman without detriment to the Chair. 
and XXII. 
ARE six new designs of Gothic Chairs; their 
feet are almost all different, and 
may be of use to those that are unacquainted with 
this sort of work.  Most 
of the ornaments may be left out if required.  The sfizes are the same as
in the 
preceding Chairs, and may be lessened or enlarged, 
according to the fancy of the 
skillful artist. 
ARE nine Chairs in the present Chinese manner, 
which I hope will improve 
that taste, or manner of work; it having yet
 never arrived to any per- 
fection; doubtless it might be lost without seeing
 its beauty: as it admits of the 
greatest variety, I think it the most useful of 
any other.  The sizes are all speci- 
fied on the designs.  The three last (No. XXV.) I
 hope will be well received, as 
there has been none like them yet made. 

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