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Chippendale, Thomas (1718-1779) / The gentleman and cabinet-maker's director: being a large collection of the most elegant and useful designs of household furniture in the Gothic, Chinese and modern taste.

The names of the subscribers,   pp. vii-x

Page vii

[  vii  ] 
SIR John Anstruther, bart. 
Mr. James Affleck, upholder 
Mr. James Affleck, cabinet-maker 
Thomas Atkinson, cabinet-maker 
---Allan, joiner 
William Allan, joiner 
James Anderson, cabinet maker 
John Addison, carpenter 
Robert Arnot 
Samuel Agar, carver 
His Grace the Duke of Beaufort 
William Bradshaw, esq; 
Thomas Bladden, esq; 
William Belchier, esq; 
Mr. John Beichier, furgeon 
Thomas Beichier, cabinet-maker 
John Buck, cabinet-maker 
Robert Brown, cabinet-maker 
Joseph Brown, cabinet-maker 
William Benson, cabinet-maker 
----Badger, carver 
Peter Burcham 
John Burgess, joyner 
----Brett, enameller 
John Bland 
John Barber, cabinet-maker 
Thomas Bay 
John Burry 
John Bladwell, upholder 
James Burby, cabinet-maker 
George Brumell 
Barnard Broadbett, painter 
----Brand, carver 
William Bradbury 
John Butter, joyner 
William Butler, cabinet-maker 
Peter Blankinsop 
Robert Barker, upholder, at York 
The Right Hon. the Earl of Chesterfield 
The Right Hon. Lord Clifford 
The Hon. Francis Chartres, of Amps- 
field, esq; 
The Rigth Hon. Lady Catharine Chartres 
Sir Thomas Clavering 
John Craigie, of Dunbarnie, esq; 
William Connolly, esq; 
Ralph Congreve. esq; 
----Cheere, esq; 
Mr. Archibald Carmichall 
James Caddell, Upholsterer 
Caesar Crouch 
James Clycs 
Thomas Chapman 
Robert Campbell 
John Clair, cabinet-maker 
Charles Cook, joyner 
----Collins, upholder 
----Channon, fenr. cabinet-maker 
----Channon, jun. cabinet-maker 
James Clydfdale 
Thomas Clayton, plaisterer of Hamilton 
Robert Corney 
Robinson Cook, at Liverpool 
----Cauty, cabinet-maker 
John Crosby, cabinet-maker 
Joseph Cooper 
----Cooper, cabinet-maker 
b  Henry

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