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Benjamin, Asher, 1773-1845. / The American builder's companion; or, A new system of architecture: particularly adapted to the present style of building in the United States of America

Remarks on cornices,   pp. 26-27

Page 27

icial beatty ofplaic sepends saw   Ur
   hen mouldin~g. re oranrthey may belrge im  t
     VS>L0 0- thm.;; tb~eyought' nev-e   wo+    P- nth
  alwaystobe i n,- -  L     Cocolu
          jec 0 ;.tia d^<kW,:~prtiopariondo                77,
  h          MP eig*               s..:seve for a,,,,
  bie-E o10                  suni level
in nsome cases, be double teir.1eight, and their height whenenrk :Rv;00::
thlreetn              rtieth part of thi;Of~t;:~         --
  -  W~~ecii some fmeasure, to be conformable; *        a& el  ;hdeir:
hokhph io,,tha-t of theto This will admit of, noS glwc rule,; therefore-
            P  them.  They ought never to betoo
       but always kaeasllzty ~of p
       cmbe~i~hmnyz~  tally ufficiento a
ways to be inh     ; Stico cornc iiit          gr     ety
  puvedt1            )phnd    proporiodtsotbeA.Ai
  $   to    ~    apw 1wyit:ir gs serve for aroo,
  ata fl"Aelled. r t; 41nd that t alw    e   4      ,
    A~and  ~  In sopv cans wi~cre the tOmia.
      ~d kttrn he eilngor evnsunklel
some cases, be double their.height, and their height, when enriched wt
reenames ab     irtieth part of the h tof she rThi p
  si ought, in some measure, to be conformable tothi, as well a& 4heir
  s,  , that of the room. This will admit of no -zct rule,; therefore-
ain a great m      on the fancy of the designer.
             -~~~~~  I  ~~~~~ Pt e
          ':" -:,.          'I'I-.  '
'-4.~~~~~ 4
    + ~ ~~  r
0 7i^ *' -- ',f 000iH 0tkt-X\-
   f ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 4  i S  ; ;E  e70  % - pi  \t
- At        -                      :
          Z .
.tL4.7t4 44.æ*Vtt
- -
                              er to i,_ too,
                  ey oug t new   b     it
     A M_always leave a     _Of
rs to-be in -tb         co
               ." *m40
ve                        04 proportiorwodto ,thp7Tq177A7.,Ai
%Q_ '-A     44#ae',     serve for a,,,,Tppqfspower
vao   et!,4-e r          thatthey  :ays
  and:.'W             Vi e -the
  tvit  CCIL'i       S-Ir level
ne cases,, be double their.1eight, and their height, when enriche    -4,
irnaments,       riieth part of the
     t. in some measure,                    4i'well a& their
     h               to be conformable,
        Of the    ,,,,This will admit of norule,; therefore
 in a great    AT    on the fancy 6f thelesigner.,

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