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Barber, Edwin Atlee, 1851-1916 / Anglo-American pottery : old English china with American views, a manual for collectors

Dark blue designs : unknown makers,   pp. [105]-110

Page [105]

M ANY OF THE BEST printed American views on old
English china were never marked with the names or
initials of the makers or of the factories, while others
were only occasionally so distinguished. Why manufacturers
should have been unwilling to attach identifying marks to
their wares is difficult to understand. It is possible that some
of them were super-senitive about placing themselves in a
position to invite criticism for catering to the American trade,
so soon after the war of 1812. Be this as it may, it is impos-
sible at this late day to determine the origin of the greater
number of the former, while the latter can only be identified
when an occasional marked example happens to turn up. For
instance, the majority of designs produced by Joseph Stubbs
did not bear his name, but by means of the few which are
found with the word Stubbs impressed in the body of the
ware all dark blue plates possessing the same eagle, scroll and
flower border may be confidently assigned to that maker, for it
is a singular fact that while competing potters of that period
did not hesitate to appropriate each other's central views,-
the most important parts of these engravings,-no instance is
known where one manufacturer used the border device of an-
other. This seems to have been considered the individual prop-
erty of the factory which originated it, and by a sort of mutual

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