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Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 / The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste

Chap. XV: of the face,   pp. 122-134

Page 134

13.3            .ANALYSIS of           BEAUTY, 
What remains to be faid on the different appearances 
of ages, being lefs pleafing than what has gone before, 
mall be defcribed with more brevity. In the age from 
-twenty to thirty, barring accidents, there appears but 
little change, either in the colours or the lines of the 
face; for tho' the bloom tints may go off a little, yet 
on the other hand, the make of the features often attain 
a fort of fettled firmnefs in them, aided by an air of 
acquired fenfibility; which makes ample amends for 
that lofs, and keeps beauty till thirty pretty much upon 
a par; after this time, as the alterations grow more and 
more vifible, we perceive the fweet fimplicity of many 
rounding parts of the face, begin to break into dented 
fhapes, with more fudden turns about the mufcles, 
occafioned by their many repeated movements; as alfo 
by dividing the broad parts, and thereby taking off 
the large fweeps of the ferpentine lines; the fhades of 
beauty alfo confequently fuffering in their foftneffes. 
Something of what is here meant between the two ages 
Fig.'17 of thirty and fifty, fee in figures *, and what further 
Fig. i 8. havock time continues to make after the age of fifty, is 
P. 2.  too remarkable to need defcribing: the ftrokes and cuts 
he then lays on are plain enough; however, in fpite of 
all his malice, thofe lineaments that have once been 
elegant, retain their flowing turns in venerable age, 
leaving to the laft a comely piece of ruins. 

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