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The craftsman


The craftsman
Volume XXX, Number 4
Eastwood, N.Y.: United Crafts, July 1916

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[Frontispiece] The old mill

[Title page] The craftsman, p. 3a

Contents, pp. 3a-6a ff.

Is there a national spirit in "the new poetry" of America?, Lowell, Amy pp. 339-349

Subtle studies of human emotion shown in the sculpture of Chester Beach, pp. 350-355

The art of garden making: illustrated by scenes from one of "Vitale's gardens", pp. 356-364

Broadway's canyon, Fletcher, John Gould p. 364

The American girl's education not human enough: Madame Yvette Guilbert suggests a remedy, pp. 365-373

New Hopi architecture of the old mesa land, Rose, Ethel pp. 374-382

The vanishing red, Frost, Robert p. 383

The beautiful gardens of our great western deserts, Jones, Rosalie pp. 384-391

New types of small houses that combine beauty and efficiency, pp. 392-395

The laughters, Untermeyer, Louis pp. 396-397

Garden gates and entrances, Farrington, E. I. pp. 398-405

Cool tombs, Sandburg, Carl p. 405

The old mill, M├Ątter, John p. 406

Winter's turning, Lowell, Amy p. 407

A new type of furniture: elegant in design and rich in color, pp. 408-411

Craftsman town and country houses: two new designs, pp. 412-417

A house of seven fireplaces: from Craftsman inspiration, pp. 418-10a

The little houses of America (cont.), pp. 421-423

A porch of charm and fragrance, Marple, Albert pp. 424-425

An all-cement chicken house, Marple, Albert p. 425

Book reviews, pp. 426-18a

Four popular Craftsman houses, pp. 429-432

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