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The craftsman


The craftsman
Volume XXIX, Number 5
Eastwood, N.Y.: United Crafts, February 1916

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[Frontispiece] "An old song"

[Title page] The craftsman, p. 3a

Contents, pp. 3a ff.

The home of the future: a study of America in relation to the architect: first of series, Goodhue, Bertram pp. 449-455

The little garden around "old Mudder Bethel", Fox, Agnes M. pp. 456-467

A measure of heaven, Carman, Bliss p. 467

Paris, a memory and fantasy, Roberts, Mary Fanton pp. [468]-476

Home acre, Gillette, Eugenia C. p. 477

Black rock farmhouse: suggesting ideal dignified country living, pp. 478-484

The old community spirit of work realized in the studio of Lorado Taft, pp. 485-493

Beautiful wings of the air and the water, pp. 494-504

Children in the art world: their unconscious inspiration of beauty, pp. 505-514

Planning rooms with an individual sense of beauty, pp. 515-522

Where does America stand musically as creator, producer and audience?, Stokowski, Leopold pp. 523-530

Furniture based upon good craftsmanship, Stickley, Gustav pp. 531-538

Their studio home, Bingham, Persis pp. 539-542

The home of the future (cont.), Goodhue, Bertram pp. 543-544

"In the handiwork of their craft is their prayer", p. 544

Making the bungalow externally attractive, Conover, M. Roberts pp. 545-548

More color at the annual exhibition this year: high-school children make a good showing, pp. 549-553

Planning rooms with an individual sense of beauty (cont.), p. 553

Where does America stand musically? (cont.), Stokowski, Leopold pp. 554-555

Home builders to have state aid, p. 555

An explanation, p. 555

Home gardens under school direction, pp. 556-557

Book reviews, pp. 558-562 ff.

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