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The craftsman


The craftsman
Volume XXIX, Number 3
Eastwood, N.Y.: United Crafts, December 1915

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[Frontispiece] An English Madonna: Anning Bell, sculptor

[Title page] The craftsman, p. 3a

Contents, pp. 3a ff.

"Where love is:" a Russian Christmas story, Tolstoy, Lèon N. pp. 235-240

"Soft and easy is thy cradle:" nests for the world's babies, pp. 241-248

A talk about children: illustrated by famous portraits of children, Ruskin, John pp. 249-256

The new Russian stage, a blaze of color: what the genius of Léon Bakst has done to vivify productions which combine ballet, music and drama, Roberts, Mary Fanton pp. 257-269

The music of democracy, Muck, Karl pp. 270-279

The inn of the bells: a place of contentment, pp. 280-288

The house of Christmas, Chesterton, Gilbert K. p. 289

Country homes within city limits, pp. 290-299

The scent of the chrysanthemum, Haynes, William pp. 299-301

"Hercules of the forest": the second of a series on the new idea in home furnishing, pp. 302-311

Swimming pools that "snare the sun", Keith, Henrietta P. pp. 312-317

The Christmas gift: a true story, p. 318

A Craftsman log house whose walls are more than one hundred years old, Woodward, Clark pp. 319-322

Color and Léon Bakst (cont.), Roberts, Mary Fanton p. 322

Weaving on old-time looms, Buck, Mertice pp. 323-326

Would you give yourself a job?, Worden, J. R. p. 326

The music of democracy (cont.), Muck, Karl pp. 327-328

Book reviews, pp. 328-334

The scent of the chrysanthemum (cont.), Haynes, William pp. 334 ff.

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