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The craftsman


The craftsman
Volume XXIX, Number 1
Eastwood, N.Y.: United Crafts, October 1915

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[Frontispiece] "Unlabour'd harvests shall the fields adorn, and cluster'd grapes shall blush on ever thorn"

[Title page] The craftsman, p. 3a

Contents, pp. 3a ff.

Music and our children: discussed by Josef Stransky, conductor of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, pp. 3-13

"Bonniecrest," an example of noble architecture for the country home, pp. 14-24

Jerome Myers as an etcher and a student of human nature, pp. 25-32

Almost a wish, Henderson, Rose p. 32

El fureides: "the little paradise", Hopkins, Una Nixson pp. 33-39

Development of beautiful architectural detail in America, pp. 40-42

Modeling a home to fit the furniture: rare treasures dominate architecture, pp. 43-51

Old houses and new, p. 51

The people and the theater: the influence of the populace upon the drama of ages: a fresh expression of the people's purpose in the little theater movement, pp. 52-63

The bride's own furniture: illustrated with pictures of ancient marriage coffres, strong boxes and jewel chests, pp. 64-73

Revival of the chaise longue, which furnishes an interesting combination of elegance and comfort, pp. 74-76

"The green willow garland:" the source of a mammoth new American industry, pp. 77-84

Building the architectural backbone of the nation, pp. 85-91

Carved oak long tables adapted from the massive types used in old refectories, pp. 92-96

Picture chairs, for occasional use by fireside, window and library table, pp. 97-99

"The royal academy of all academies", p. 99

Fall planting of spring bulbs, pp. 100-101

The people and the theater (cont.), p. 102

A house of efficiency, pp. 103-108

Music and our children (cont.), p. 109

The bride's own furniture (cont.), p. 109

Soap bearing trees and shrubs, p. 110

Lighting the modern home: new developments in lamps and fixtures, pp. 111-113

Mme. Paderewski's dolls: designed and made by Polish young people to help their native land, Phillips, Anna M. Laise pp. 114-115

Transforming a backyard into a garden, Sheldon, Caroline pp. 116-117

Don't kill the birds, they are one of the farmer's greatest helpers, p. 117

The people and the theater (cont.), pp. 118-119

The green willow garland: a new American industry (cont.), p. 119

The first annual exhibition of the American Dahlia Society, p. 120

Praise for the American sparrow: it is better behaved than its English cousin, p. 121

Revival of the chaise longue (cont.), p. 121

Book reviews, pp. 122 ff.

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