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The craftsman


The craftsman
Vol. XXVI, Number 4
Eastwood, N.Y.: United Crafts, July 1914

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[Frontispiece] Jacob Riis--a friend of the American people

[Title page] The craftsman, p. 3a

Contents, pp. 3a-4a

The new civilization: America at the forge, Ellis, Havelock pp. 361-366

Poppies: the most brilliant aliens of the American garden, Roorbach, Eloise J. pp. 367-375

The two great painters of the apple land of Spain, Stapley, Mildred pp. 376-383

Art and the daily life of man, Morris, William p. 383

Spring, and the one elm tree, Comfort, Will Levington pp. 384-388

The humble annals of a backyard: the rain, Dyer, Walter A. p. 389

Our water gardens: making them and planting them, Lounsberry, Alice pp. 390-398

The case of Kelly and Hannah Belden: why our country communities need more play, Dyer, Walter A. pp. 399-405

Outdoor living East and West: porch architecture for various climates and modes of life, pp. 406-417

Community music-drama: will our country people in time help us to develop the real American theater?, Farwell, Arthur pp. 418-424

What we need in gardens is more "atmosphere," and fewer things, Pope, R. A. pp. 425-430

Our native woods: their new use in architecture and interior decoration as shown in the Forest Products Exposition, pp. 431-435

Craftsman homes expressing both owners' and architects' ideals, pp. 436-441

The story of my camp, Fitch, Grant pp. 442-444

Roses, Dyer, Walter A. pp. 445-446

Little back gardens, p. 446

The disaster of brilliant lighting and how to avoid it, Bowser, Berniece pp. 446-449

Women farmers, p. 449

A baby who lives in a nest in the tree-tops, Schoonhoven, Helen B. pp. 450-452

A prairie sod house and the Kansas Traveling Library, Whitcomb, Jessie Wright pp. 452-454

Camping with comfort, pp. 454-458

Als ik kan: Jacob Riis: friend of the American people, Stickley, Gustav pp. 459-461

Book reviews, pp. 461-462 ff.

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