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The craftsman


The craftsman
Vol. XXVI, Number 1
Eastwood, N.Y.: United Crafts, April 1914

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[Frontispiece] Heroic bronze group for the North Carolina women of the confederacy monument, erected at Raleigh, N. C.

[Title page] The craftsman, p. 3a

Contents, pp. 3a-4a

The intensive cultivation of humanity through work, Comfort, Will Levington pp. 3-6

The monument to the women of the confederacy, Widdemer, Margaret p. 7

Blossoming fruit trees as decorative features of our landscape, Lounsberry, Alice pp. 8-15

The Lincoln Memorial: the man and the monument, pp. 16-20

April, Teasdale, Sara p. 20

Garden-houses: their contribution to the pleasure of outdoor living, pp. 21-26

Gardening as a by-product, Dyer, Walter A. pp. 27-32

The old whittler: a story, Shinn, Charles Howard pp. 32-34

Development of home-building in America: illustrated by the work of the architectural league for 1914, pp. 35-51

Wyck house: an example of early American architecture, achieving great distinction through perfection of proportion, pp. 52-58

In the daisy field, Conkling, Grace Hazard p. 58

What is the chippendale style? A study of this great cabinetmaker, Thomson, James pp. 59-66

An outdoor school for boys, where development is gained from work as well as books, Riordon, Raymond pp. 67-71

A model farm home: Minnesota's prize rural architecture, Flagg, M. I. pp. 72-75

An education in home-building: the need and the opportunity of studying this art in America, pp. 76-78

Outdoor life the year round: planning the home for it, p. 79

Four unique Craftsman homes embodying many modern comforts, pp. 80-88

Profit from worn-out land, p. 88

Red gum: a native wood of beauty and distinction which is coming into its own, p. 89

An Ohio home of individuality and charm, pp. 89-91

An outdoor school for boys, (etc.) (cont.), pp. 92-94

The pulse of a skyscraper, p. 94

An inexpensive summer bungalow planned for air and sunlight, pp. 95-96

Outdoor life the year round (cont.), pp. 97-99

Increasing America's meat supply, p. 99

Durable furniture both necessary and decorative in the well-planned garden, pp. 100-103

The story of the "wind-eye", pp. 103-105

Modern magic for the home: the comfort and economy of an automatic hot water supply, p. 106

A billion for building, p. 106

An education in home building (cont.), pp. 107-113

Uncle Sam as an architect: Department of Agriculture plans a comfortable, inexpensive farmhouse, pp. 114-116

Choosing the site and exposure for one's home with the help of the compass, pp. 116-117

The modern domestic servant--electricity, pp. 117-118

Indirect lighting: a lesson from the moon, p. 119

Als ik kan: the slaves of this century, Stickley, Gustav pp. 120-121

Relation of clothes to the body, Wilkinson, Marguerite pp. 122 ff.

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